Is That the Sound of Cancer Being Cured?

I don’t really know, but John Kanzius just might.

The following video is from CBS and talks about how a guy in his garage, with the help of pots, pans, and hot dogs, may have discovered a way to treat cancer without all the side effects. Human trials for this method are about four years away, but if this pans out, then everyone reading this may be alive when the cliche saying “still no cure for cancer” is finally put to rest.

2 thoughts on “Is That the Sound of Cancer Being Cured?

  1. That is if the FDA and the federal government don’t stomp it.

    They make more money keeping us sick than they would if we could cure everything and stay home. Especially if they get their wish and we allow them to federalize health care.

  2. Your first line is spot on. Your reasoning behind it… not so much.

    It’s usually the corporate interests that tend to keep the FDA in check. (For example, why is aspartame, which has been proven to cause neurological issues, OK’d while stevia, with no issues associated, called into question? If you guessed that one put big bucks in the FDA’s wallet, you win the prize!)

    IIRC, the big bucks are made by companies who make medications to handle symptoms (which ensure cash flow) instead of finding cures (which offer a one0-time payment).

    Sorry, but a universal health care system would take advantage of this. After all, it SAVES them (the government) money. (This is why more experimental and usually successful treatments are to be found in places with universal health care, particularly in Europe, which has better health care quality than the US almost across the board.)

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