Musings of a Married Man: Shopping Spree

I sat down in front of the laptop last night, went over to Amazon and asked The Wife, “What do you think? Get the whole Buffy: The Vampire Slayer series for $99 and a couple of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine seasons, or just pick up DS9?”

“Well,” she asked, “which do you like best?”

I sighed. “I hate when you do that, you know.”

She nodded and mumbled out an “I know,” one that ended in an unspoken “but…”

She knows I hate it. I know she knows. She also knows I don’t really hate it, I just find it… annoying that she’ll always ask questions like that. It’s just her way: If I ask where I last left something, she’ll ask me about the last place I had it; if I ask her whether she wants to dine out, she’ll ask what I feel like doing, and so on. It’s just in her nature to be that special kind of considerate. Sometimes to the point of annoyance.

I went on to explain that while I enjoy Buffy (it is, after all, written by Joss Whedon, who is as close to awesome as you get when it comes to TV writers), I like DS9 much more. Still, seven seasons of Buffy for $99 offers more entertainment bang for the buck than seven seasons of DS9 for $250. Unless I watch every DS9 episode a three times.

“Buy both.”

“Can’t.” I looked at the computer screen which now presented not a website, but rather a fork in the road. “I only have enough in the play-money* account for either Buffy and two seasons of DS9, or five seasons of DS9.”

* The play-money account is a special account where I put aside a small amount every week that I can use for whatever I feel like. It’s part of the entertainment budget.

“Let me ask you, why do you feel you have to buy any of those now?” She went on to point out that we still have a season’s worth of Babylon 5 and ten of Stargate: SG1 to go through before we start on anything else. First in, first out, and this will take us at least six months.

“Good point,” I said. Very good. I didn’t quite know how to answer without incriminating myself. “I guess, because…” I thought for a second. “I guess because I’m afraid the price’ll go up.” True enough, but only just.

“What makes you think it won’t go down?” And with that, she masterfully set the part of me which holds a propensity towards betting against the part of me which fears losing out on a good deal. I hate when she does that, too.

Why did I think it wouldn’t go down? Probably because this was Amazon, and prices there are in greater flux than the time stream in the Star Trek universe.

“Because…” I tried to think of an excuse, something other than Because now that I’m done going through yet another existential crisis, I feel the need to fill my life with stuff to feel secure, or It’s better than eating. My mind raced, trying to find a good–

“If they’re older, won’t the price go down?”

Yes! An exit! “Hon, this is Star Trek,” I said. “Prices for Star Trek almost never go down.” Which is true, kind of.

“Honestly, I think you should wait.” *Thump* Nail in the coffin. She was right, I should.

I didn’t buy anything last night. I closed the laptop, went to bed, and read a book. From the library. Better than watching shows or spending money, I guess.

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  1. While it might seem annoying, it was the most supportive thing she could have done. Besides, who wants to be the one that egged on a decision that you might be upset with later? 😉

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