Quantum Mechanics and String Theory for Dummies

Just a quick note, if you’ve ever been curious about this whole “quantum physics” and “superstring theory” deal, head on down to PBS’s Nova site. There’s a great online show there called The Elegant Universe, based on the book by Brian Greene. It’s a great way to get going on a really complicated subject that can be rather fun to learn about.

If you’d like to know more about the subject, feel free to research online, but for God’s sake, don’t waste either your time or money on the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” That has to be by far one of the absolute worst pieces of propaganda crap I’ve ever wasted two hours on. Crappy acting, false statements, non-sequential conclusions… complete waste of time. It might be worth watching if you want a good laugh, and don’t care much about what you put in your brain.

Finally, you can get a copy of PBS’s The Elegant Universe at Amazon.com

5 thoughts on “Quantum Mechanics and String Theory for Dummies

  1. I’m curious about your insight! In what ways was “What the Bleep Do We Know?” wrong or incorrect?

    amateur string theory fan
    Redlands, CA

  2. Hey, Pamela:
    Better than any answer I could give is this explanation from Wikipedia. Form the linked article:

    “the movie illustrates the uncertainty principle with a bouncing basketball being in several places at once. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s recognized as pedagogical exaggeration. But the movie gradually moves to quantum ‘insights’ that lead a woman to toss away her antidepressant medication, to the quantum channeling of Ramtha, the 35,000-year-old Atlantis god, and on to even greater nonsense.”

    Basically if you understand string theory, even at an elementary level, you begin to see very quickly that the film is more new age propaganda than science.

    1. on the contrary, What the Bleep is about how the human mind and thoughts as consciousness (with beliefs instilled since birth being subconscious) are what shape what reality we choose to experience…about the woman being on meds, it SHOWS that her thinking “oh life is so hard i’m so stressed everything is pointless because i’m deaf so it HAS to be hard” makes her reality hard FOR HER. Once she changes her point of view, she begins to see herself/her life as a better experience. This is what the whole movie was about, and this Creating Your Own Experience How You Want It used Quantum Physics as a means to show that thoughts creating things are not just mumbo jumbo, that it can be scientifically proven; I.E. the electron wave acting like a particle because it KNEW that someone who watched a particle behave expected the election to behave that same way. You have to fully understand WHY before you can understand the point of the How.

      also, quantum physics started out accidentally but kept in practice because they found it was a way to prove the unseen “mysteries” of the bible….the “ask and you shall receive” part that Jesus talks about. If you want your life to be how you dreamed it at 13, think about it all the time, meditate on, pray/ask/write about it, and “you shall receive.” It’s the whole Thought process, a part of this whole Thought Universe. Everything is connected, not like a spider web, but like What the Bleep says about the atom being in multiple places at once….every person/tree/animal/whatever today is an extension of the Creator Source, the original creative thought, and each “generation” of beings is just another way for the creator source to continually experience every possible experience at once. So what What the Bleep is doing is saying that Quantum Physics can record the proof that we are all extensions of the Creative Energy Source. We are all that Source, just in different place all at the same time, like that atom and the basketball. We are all the same. We are One (this was also explained in the Bible, but the masses consistently think this means some Holy Spirit, not that we are actually all One). So, in reality, I am You, You are Me, We are They and He and She are also They and Me, and You is Us.

      and….to be obnoxious, because the other comments are annoyed by What the Bleep…. “Are we far enough down the Rabbit Hole Yet????”

      if any “source” uses the phrase “there’s nothing wrong with that”, then what you are reading is a Opinion only. Everyone has their own opinion, and everyone’s own opinion creates their individual experience…but while it’s that author’s view and experience, it is not that way for everyone else.

  3. touché to that my friend “what the bleep..” is full of a whole lot of crap and implications to pseudo studies and jam packed with propaganda to all sorts of subjects!!!!!!

  4. The funniest thing in “What the Bleep” i thought was how often the used the trite “Down the rabbit hole” but i agonized through the bs (for my brother Dan) and got to the end where the “Authorizes” credentials were given NO ONE sited in the movies as “The head of Quantum Research” were exactly that but rather “The head of Quantum Research for Metaphysics University Of Nevada” or some such crap not an actual accredited ANYTHING in the movie… “What The (Bleep) Do We Know?” was a streaming pile of (Bleep)

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