So, How Big is 1 Gig?

Depends on when you ask.

1GB of memory in 1987 and 2007

That, my friends, is 1GB of memory in 1987 and 1GB in 2007. (The smaller one is the 2007 version, by the way. You know, just in case you ever confuse the two and try to shove the big one in your camera.)

By that standard, in 2027 we’ll be carrying 1PB (petabyte) of info in our wallet. Or storage will become so small that all information we ever encounter throughout our lives — including pictures, papers, medical records, X-rays, movie rentals, etc. — will be stored in a chip implanted somewhere in our body. Never delete anything again! (Except for the movie rentals, which will delete themselves after a specified 24-hour period.)

Boy, Google’s gonna have a field day.

Of course, then there’s that whole “mark of the beast” thing the book of Revelations has been warning us about since 90 A.D. But we don’t believe in that, now, do we?

Do we?

5 thoughts on “So, How Big is 1 Gig?

  1. It’s good, but not good enough. I want that backup of the internet I still have on CD somewhere transferred to my implant. I promised it to this guy and they can’t wait till 2027.

    Still, that is quite the advance.

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