My Ankle Ached (and Other Random Thoughts)

This morning, I couldn’t take my dog out for her walk because my ankle ached. I think it was the Dance Dance Revolution I was playing yesterday, though maybe it was the five-mile walk-and-run I did the day before. Whatever the cause, my ankle ached this morning. Now, so does my knee.

A few weeks ago, my father finally closed the deal on his new car shop, and started working the business almost immediately. He called me asking for advice on what type of computer he should buy. He also told me I had to redesign his company Web page. I’m no designer, but the original thing was about as ugly as sin, so I decided to give it a try. I’m not done yet, but whatever I come up with can’t be any worse than what’s already there. As for the computers, I just had him get a couple of Dells. I got a free flat screen monitor out of the deal, to replace the ancient, buzzing, blurry cyclops taking up most of my desk space.

I’ve been looking at different funds in my 401k. As it turns out, almost 80% of my holdings are in foreign companies. I can’t help but wonder whether I should instead reallocate to a more domestic-based portfolio. With the dollar going down the way it has, I wonder whether foreign companies in the American market are losing money because they don’t want to raise their prices in accordance with the dollar’s decline. Likewise, I wonder whether American companies are seeing increased profits due to the weakening dollar: keep the prices the same in Europe and suddenly you have a nicer profit. Of course, the cost of their materials may also be seeing an increase due to the declining dollar, especially if they deal with foreign currencies. On the other hand, foreign companies in the American market may be losing money because they don’t want to raise their prices according to the dollar’s decline. But then, I know next to nothing about manufacturing, so all I can do is chase my own tail. My dog would be proud.

For my birthday, my mother gave me a $100 gift certificate to Actually, it was supposed to be for Barnes and Noble — she knows how much I love buying books — but I told her that Amazon is both cheaper and may have more stuff I can use. I’ve been looking at a few weight-management tools to use — a pedometer, a heart-rate monitor, a weight scale that measures body fat percentages — and though my brain tells me that this is what I should get, my heart is sitting in the corner, admiring the books. And here I was, thinking it would be the other way around. I remind my heart that we have enough books at home.

As I browse the (blurry) store, I think to myself that this would be easier if she had given me €100 instead, then I could afford everything I want. All of us — me, my heart and my brain — then laugh, knowing that’s not true.

I finally decide to go for the health equipment. I’ve been well on the path of improving my health, though for the moment it seems as if my weight loss has grown stagnant. The magic number seems to be somewhere between 275 and 280. Maybe there’s a mathematical constant somewhere around there, and my body’s trying to tell me what it is. Or maybe I should work out more.

I was thinking about that this morning as I tried to get ready for my run, and as I decided against it. It was raining, and I was in pain. I looked at my dog, about to apologize — as if she could understand — but she didn’t seem all that disappointed. She ran to the bed, jumped on, then laid down and wagged her tail. May be she did understand. Maybe her ankles ached, too.

4 thoughts on “My Ankle Ached (and Other Random Thoughts)

  1. whatever I come up with can’t be any worse than what’s already there.

    Yah, I’m gonna need a before/after screenshots, please!

    Good on to go for the health equipment. In the long run, maybe increased health will even enable you to read books faster! 🙂 Doing a bit of a health-thing too, trying to get my ass regularly to gym. Been a bit flaky in that area, even though my ankle is fine.

    (Funny sidenote: For some reason, my brain interpreted this entry’s title as “My Uncle Achmed” for a few milliseconds.)

  2. Website: Longest. URL. Evar? (New URL will be shorter.) Before you click on that link, though, I warn you: you may go blind. Gotta love that side nav bar.

    As for the gym, I sort of know what you mean. All my work ask of late has been either cardio or rubber-band weight training at home. I’ve been dying to go to the gym more so I can use free weights, at least. Also been thinking about getting on to some martial arts classes. The equipment should help, especially with the new site I’m planning to start up. (One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging is because of that.)

    And yeah, being healthier will allow me to read more, but not because of reading faster. (I can speed read already. For the most part I hate doing it, unless I’m reading news.) It’ll be because of living longer. Anything less than 120 years (92 more on this Earth, in this body) will be a disappointment, really.

  3. I highly recommend the Nike ipod kit for running. You can load it up with audiobooks, or even better, free podcasts. It keeps track of how many miles you run, and you can set goals for yourself. Mine is a little dusty at the moment, but it got me through training for a marathon last year.

  4. Hey, Jay:
    From what I’ve read, you need to be using Nike+ shoes specifically in order to use the Nike iPod kit. Problem is I hate Nikes. Their soles, especially the ones with the springs on the back, are great, but I’ve yet to find one Nike that fits me comfortably: their one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t seem to jive with my E-width, slightly-flat feet. In fact, I just recently returned a pair of Nike Shox I owned for that very reason. Bought them, ran with them a few times, and returned them because of discomfort. I got a pair of New Balances, instead, and better insole. Gotta tell you, though, the Nike shoes did wonders for my knee. Too bad they bruised the bottom of my feet.

    Can the iPod kit be used with anything OTHER than Nikes?

    As far as the capabilities are concerned, I think most good pedometers (which can be attained for around $20-$40, depending on whether they come with software or not) will measure things like distance, though I’m not sure if they track goals.

    Edit: You know, nevermind about the Nike+ shoes thing. I just found a pouch thing you can put on your shoe at Amazon for $7. Now I need to get an iPod.

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